List of selected Poster with Poster No. and Groups

Instructions for poster presentations

  1. Bring your printed posters to the venue
  2. Poster size for display is 1m x 1m. Material for putting up the posters cellotape/pins will be provided.
  3. Poster sparkler session : You can present a brief introduction to your poster in 90 sec with maximum of 2 slides. You are requested to upload your sparkler slides file  in the folder at link given below before 17th Sept 2019. Either ppt or pdf files are acceptable.

    Filename should be lastname.pdf or lastname.ppt
  4. Click here to upload the posters sparkler
  5. Posters are divided into 5 sections: gender section and 4 sub-sections in Physics.
    1. Check the program to find out the session in which you will present the poster sparkler.
    2. Prizes will be given for the best poster by a student/post-doctoral fellow in each of the 5 sections.