PFP2019: Sign-up for Interactive Parallel Workshops :

Please sign-up for the workshops using your user-id for the PFP2019 conference.

Please note that workshop participation is limited. Hence, we recommend early registration. Also, in case of oversubscription, the organisers will make a selection taking into consideration that all participants should get some exposure to the relevant issues. The maximum number of spaces in each workshop are given in parentheses next to the workshop title in the sign form.

These workshops are designed to build our capacities to understand equity, agency and sexual harassment dynamics, and foster leadership in both the personal and professional spheres of our lives. The workshops will use 'process' based experiential learning methodologies and are not based on the ‘lecture' method. Since they are 'process' oriented and not 'content' oriented, and will build up through the duration of the workshop, each participant is expected to be present and participate for the complete duration of the workshop.

Unlike in typical science conferences where it is quite acceptable to switch between parallel scientific sessions, here, signing up for a particular workshop on a particular day implies that you are committing to attend the complete duration of that workshop on that day.

Furthermore, participants are expected to be right on time at the start of the workshop; late-comers will have to miss the opportunity.

Please make sure that you do not sign-up for workshops on dates that you are not present at the conference or have to leave the venue before 17:45 on the particular day.